Endorsements: I Hear You're Afraid of Dying.

"I appreciate the very thorough research you've done on the end of life issues . Very comprehensive and practical as well, while leaving a framework for the individual to generate personal choices. Olivia Guggenheim

McLaird's style of writing is so creative, clean, and non-threatening, it sneaks around behind any resistances you might have before you know what's happened!  There is great practical - and spiritual - wealth in the material that George has gathered here, not to mention fun comments, stories. I was surprised by how unthreatening George's material is, and "being with it" has led me into less overall anxiety, and a richer everyday life. Thank you George! Robin Sinclair

We are born and we will die (or lose our physicality) at some point on our journey. Rev. George McLaird's book I Hear You're Afraid of Dying or Afraid Someone You Love Will Die Before You provides you with a work book to explore your feelings and thoughts and takes you through a process that includes writing your own obituary. My mother did that for our family and it was very helpful. Highly encourage reading this book to prepare for your future. Charlene Day

A comforting, useful "workbook" for planning the important twilight years of life. Chocked full of personal examples, anecdotes, practical checklists, website resources, and great wisdom. I am recommending it to all my close friends and relatives. Jim Tighe

Your book, "Afraid of Dying", touches on a subject that most people seem afraid to approach. In my earlier life the subject brought fear. Raised as an Evangelical, with the assessment that all my behavior would stand a day of reckoning, brought on a terrible burden. Death was a disturbing thought. Today I have no such apprehension and the thought of death needs only a guide. Your book prides such a guide. It's a realistic approach and provides assurance. It's a wonderful guide for ones own death and for the ones you love. Thanks. Olof Liden

"Rev. George L. McLaird's book is like having a spiritual guide, mentor, pastor, and teacher with you. You can digest the material and be guided at your own pace. His professional and personal experiences have been a gift to receive. He shares his learning with those fortunate enough to be in his presence. This book now will expand his reach to others even more." Joana Ukali


"Bravo to Rev. George for this book. We can all live better lives & lead with more love, gratitude and joy each day if we embrace the fact that not one of us knows for sure if we will be here tomorrow. Embracing the finality of the life we have in this body is not only liberating but frees us from the bounds of the past and living for the future. We have only now... lead with love & give of your best each day. Preparing for the loss of life whether your own or a loved one is a subject that has changed me for the better. Great insights. Doesn't matter what your beliefs are, this book is for everyone. It will step you through areas so you can gain clarity & liberation. I particularly love that he talks about loss/death as not just about the body but also about death of addiction, vocation, habits and how to acknowledge it and let go via use of ritual - love rituals - a great way to say goodbye, let go with a greater love and allow freedom and peace in." From Australia: Bernadette Dimitrov


"At last, a book that provides 'handrails' for all of us as we move toward the inevitability of our own death and the deaths of those we love. It shines a welcome light into the dark corners of denial and fear of the unknown. Ironically, this book is a sort of life raft in death." Kay Cash-Smith


"This book is chock full of practical advice about how to deal with all kinds of losses in life, not just others or yourself dying. The advice is based on years of George McLaird helping others master ways to handle the death of people, pets as well as addictions and life's devastating disappointments It has simple workbook sections on how to plan wisely for your own death and others and work with letting go of things past. The chapter on writing therapeutic letters is priceless. I recommend his book to all my friends and relatives." Jill Fugaro


"Over 25 years ago, Stephen Covey wrote a book called '7 Habits of Highly Effective People.' In it, he dedicated one 'Habit' to beginning with the end in mind. And, what he meant was leading your life in a way that you'd want to be remembered by. Taking this advice is easier said than done. And, Rev. George McLaird's new book allows one to have comfort knowing all sides of this perspective about 'dying.'" TR Garland


We cringe at the thought of death of a loved one, or our own. We often push it out of our thoughts, as if it will never happen, simply from fear - fear of the unknown, fear of abandonment, fear of pain or suffering. It's not easy, but we need to prepare as best we possibly can. This book helps us to do just that by opening up the discussion. This highly recommended read is a valuable addition to your life's toolbox. Mazie Martin


I have already lost a child and a husband...I desire comfort, closure, release of guilt. My husband died in a hunting accident... I didn't have any time thinking about his impending death...this straightforward approach to death, acknowledging the inevitable for all of us, will help me after the fact and better prepare me for the future. Marti Cermak


This book is a great follow-up to the earlier works by Reverend McLaird on navigating the Marriage Maze and finding your way to the path of Recovery, and connecting with a Higher Power. George has done it again with a down to earth and user-friendly manual for making sense of the great unknown that faces us all. My wife Christie and I have been lucky enough to have known George for many years -- and have seen his wisdom in action helping an enormous number of people of all ages. It's wonderful to see his unique style and approach translate so well into the written word -- and made available to a greater digital audience through this compelling new work. Kevin O'Malley


When my mother died, there were no instructions. When my father died a few years later, he left an entire loose-leaf notebook of instructions - but they were mostly about financial accounts. Had there been more "emotional" instructions to guide us, I think the immediate process of memorializing their lives would have been easier. I think George's book provides an opportunity for us to consider what legacy we want to leave - and completing the exercises will help fill in the gaps for those who are left to handle our leaving. Linda Rosso

 "Initially I found the subject to be a bit unnerving/scary to read about, however I found that your suggestions put me at ease as the book went on!"

-Katie Burke

What a wonderful, helpful, and enlightening book! Richard L. Wank


I love your down to earth, matter of fact, very practical approach to death. It removes the emotional charge and reveals death for what it is, as part of life's many transitions. Thank you.  Marie Simmons