Being as Healthy as Possible Every Day in Every Way

Mastering The Marital Arts

is an on-line seminar designed primarily for establishing and enriching romantic and marital relationships.

However, many of the insights can be adapted to all other relationships as well.

I began teaching this seminar to couples I would marry. As a result, several thousand couples have taken this seminar.

I was the pastor of the Sausalito Presbyterian Church for nearly 27 years. It was while there I created this seminar as a way of introducing couples to the healthiest way to communicate and treat each other.

My insights come from a failed marriage of my own, followed by listening to and reading scholars in this field including, John and Julie Schwartz Gottman, Ph.D , David Olsen, Ph.D. Howard Markman, Ph.D. I also joined Smart Marriages.

My insights also come from counseling couples since 1968 and my own wonderful second marriage now in its 30th year.

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