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Exchanging links increases your traffic and your link popularity in all the search engines. In the current Internet climate, content may, at times, be secondary to your link with us!  

In addition to appearing in our website, your website listing will also appear in Earthgrid Search - a private search engine.


Tips for better Search Engine Visibility for your Website

  1. In the TITLE OF YOUR WEBSITE, we recommend you enter no more than 4 keywords, plus your name. This is in addition to your actual website name. Search engine spiders index according to what is contained in the TITLE OF YOUR WEBSITE, not the DESCRIPTIVE TEXT found under it.

  2. Start the TITLE OF YOUR WEBSITE with the name of your site, followed by a hyphen, and use your 4 keywords to name it in such a way that they read well, like a sentence.

  3. Keep the TITLE OF YOUR WEBSITE to 7 words or less, not counting prepositions.

  4. However, the DESCRIPTIVE TEXT is also crucial because a visitor will use that to evaluate whether to click on to your site.

  5. If you are an offline business, put your PHONE NUMBER in the DESCRIPTIVE TEXT box at the end. Our research shows that in this day and age, people are more likely to call you if they want to do business with you than email. Make it easy for them to reach you! Put in both your cell phone and office phone.

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