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Book Summary
by George McLaird on 

Preparing for oneís own death and dying or for anyone we love is one of the most traumatic events we will ever experience. Even the thought of it can bring on fear so deeply embedded it can be debilitating or nearly so. With all of our heart we want to avoid death in its many forms happening as long as possible. Some refuse to allow themselves to dwell on this and never say a single word about it. They suffer alone. Donít be one of them.

Some cultures are permeated with deeply agreed-upon superstitions. One of these insidious superstitions is the belief that speaking of oneís death or the death of another will draw the event closer to fruition. Secretly, they too suffer alone. Donít be one of them.

Not the easiest but the healthiest way to handle an anticipated death is to talk or write about it. Metaphorically speaking, we need to put our cards on the table face up. This book helps readers do just that!

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